Jalang’o Gift Motorbikes to Nitakufinya Guys

Kenyans have applauded Kiss 100 radio presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o as he finally gifts the ‘Nitakufinya’ guys each a motorcycle

After months of eagerly waiting, Matendere and Musyoka can now have a smile on their faces after Langata Member of Parliamentary seat aspirant and media personality oversaw the entire process of handing over of the said motorcycle

On Wednesday 11of August 2021, Jalang’o was at the forefront to engineer the entire process at Abson Motors headquarters in Nairobi.

Furthermore, Jalang’o pledged that the earlier stated TV advertisement will also be rolled out in due time.

Jalang’o had actually offered to offer the two overnight celebrities a corporate advertisement and a motorbike to every single one of them after their viral clips. Check out some comments on the same.

Before the viral video Musyoka stated that he was a water vendor but not anymore stating that his life has changed. Matendere on the other hand expressed his joy after receiving the motorbike


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