Jalang’o Surprised After His Mechanic For This Reason

Kiss 100 Radio Presenter cum comedian Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o on Saturday 7th of 2021 woke up to the sweetest surprise one can ever receive

Jalang’o received a goat as a surprise gift from his mechanic. The media personnel met with his mechanic whom he identified as Ogada about six months ago when his car had problems and since then the two has had a good friendship.

The goat given to Jalang’o becomes the first goat given to him as a gift. “Nobody has ever given me a goat as a gift. Watu tu wanaleta vitu zingine but a goat

Giving his reasons for gifting Jalang’o a goat, Ogada stated that he made a decision to gift his employer a goat as a way of appreciating the media personality.


“Tangu nimeet na wewe life yangu imeanza kuchnge. Respect inakuja. That’s why nimeleta hii mbuzi ni appreciate,” he said.

Ogada who is also the owner of Kings Rovers garage located along Muringa Road in Kilimani specialises in repairing Range Rovers, Land Rovers and other big machine.

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