Jalang’o Goes For Crazy Kennar After He Posted This On Instagram

Comedian and Radio Presenter Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o has now reacted to a parody photo of him done by popular internet sensation Crazy Kennar. This was shared by Kennar amid the “I wish I met you earlier” viral challenge that has now taken over the internet. Apparently, Kennar recreated the old photo of Jalang’o holding a fish next to the shores of Lake Victoria.


According to Jalang’o, the photo was taken some years back when he just began his life journey and used to work as a fisherman at the Capital Fish Kenya Limited. Just next to the photo, Kennar also placed a photo of him as he imitated Jalang’o on the photo. Upon seeing this, Jalang’o lightly reacted to Kennar as he stated the following;

“Sasa umeanza kunitafuta maneno.”

In a light mood, Kennar also responded back as he told off Jalang’o how they’ve had a peregrinate life journey.

“Tumetoka mbali sana, dem days man.” Kennar stated.

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